Apps for your Digital Signage

Automation makes your life easier. PosterDigital has create a list of add-ons ready to save you time and headaches. Choose one or more ready-to-use templates for your digital signage.

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Weather cartelería digital signage

Yahoo Weather

We geo locate your digital signage and offers you a visually attractive way to know the weather in the city at that moment.

Social Media

Update your content trough your social media.
We connect your digital signage with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, any blog or Tumblr .

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news cartelería digital signage

News Feed

Get local news about your business. Add a band with every headline to your screen. Be updated.

Red Button

Set a special emergency plan for every screen and activate it with one click. Show the nearest exit or extinguisher in case the fire alarm goes off.

Alarm cartelería digital signage

DB cartelería digital signage

Data Base

We connect your data base with one or more screens and show the information in a custom made template.

We are able to read a third party data base. Imagine you and your friends use FitBit, we import the data from twenty people’s FitBit and create a template which shows how many steps you have walk and how many people took part on it.

We can also read a data base you already use, for example, your website. You update your events calendar and we update the calendar on all of your screens automatically.

Auto Directory

Make a connection between screens. Image you have six meeting rooms. You have a digital signage in each one with its information and a seventh one with the data of all the other screens at the entrance. The Automatic Directory App lets you change the hour of one meeting and the directory screen will automatically update.

Directory cartelería digital signage

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