Connect the AC cable (the power cable)..
Connect it to your screen using a VGA or HDMI cable (the video cable)
Connect it to the Internet using a RJ45 (Ethernet cable).

AMX player installation

Setting up your AMX player:

You need a computer and a player connected to the same LAN in order to set up the AMX player. Switch on your AMX and wait until the initial screen is loaded. Hold the blue button down for two or three seconds to visualize the IP address. . Enter the AMX IP address (x.x.x.x) in your browser to access the player’s web interface.

AMX player installation


Select Content Settings from Administration.
Click on the Pull Mode tab.
Choose the option From remote iCalendar file(ics).
Fill in the Schedule uri field with the following information: “” replacing “your_project” for your real project name.
Fill in the field Check calendar every to select any time interval (such as “5 minutes”).

AMX player installation
Display settings:

Select Display Settings from the Administration menu.
Click on the Display tab.
Select the screen resolution.
Choose the screen orientation (portrait/landscape).

AMX player installation

Finally, click on Apply and the player will be added to the system