PosterDigital offers the possibility to activate an Emergency poster. It enables the user to show a message in every screen at the same time, as an overlay to any other project and regardless to its priority.
The Emergency poster can be activated manually, but it can also be automatically connected to an external security service (provided that we can have access to it), such as a fire alarm. For example, in case the fire alarm is activated, every screen could show a poster whose content could help evacuating the building.

Follow these steps to activate an Emergency poster:

Step 1:
Select Config from the menu on the left, then select Emergency poster from the Admin menu.

Emergency Poster

Step 2:
Choose the poster you want to show and click on Yes in the ACTIVE POSTER section.

Emergency Poster

Step 3:
Click on Save changes.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to connect your Emergency poster to an external security service.