First steps

To configure the player correctly, we must change the player mode to Developer Mode. Please follow the following steps:

Connect a USB keyboard to the player and make sure you have completely off the Chromebox.
With the tip of a paper clip or pin, press the reset button.


Press the reset button while you press the start button.
The device will boot and will display an exclamation mark.


Press Ctrl + D.
Press again the reset button with the clip. The device will reboot and will display a red exclamation mark.

Press again Ctrl + D. The system will reset and begin the transition to Developer mode, which can take up to 10 minutes and will wipe all previous contents

When it’s rebooted, the red exclamation mark will appear again


Press the “space bar” and then “Enter” to activate your Chrome device.

Extra Player settings

Before starting the installation in our AOpen Chromebox, we need to activate the kiosk mode to do so, follow these steps.

Turn the ChromeBox on

Select language, keyboard and network options


Press continue.

Accept the terms and conditions.

Don’t enter any email address, just press Ctrl + Alt + K

Click on enable and then click accept


Now, you can add your email addressEnter the password.

Enter the password and click on accept.

We already have the ChromeBox ready in kiosk mode.

Installing the Google Chrome App.

Step 1:
First, enter the Chrome Web Store to download our app.

Step 2:
Look for: PosterDigital.


Step 3:
Click on “Add to Chrome”.


Step 4:
A new pop-up window will appear, click “Add Application” and wait a few seconds for it to  appear.


Step 5:
The app has been installed, but please do not start it.


Step 6:
In Chrome, go to Extensions > More Tools


Step 7:
Activate developer mode at the top right side


Step 8:
Copy all the characters under ID.


Step 9:
At the top of the page, click on “Manage kiosk applications.”

Step 10:
Paste the ID that we copied to the input of kiosk applications.

Step 11:
Click Add.

Step 12:
Place your mouse over the line that appears on the application name.
(Do not check “keep this device in kiosk mode permanently”)

Step 13:
A new option will come up: “Set autostart”, please click on it.

Step 14:
Then click Done.

Step 15:
Turn the ChromeBox OFF

Step 16:
Turn the ChromeBox ON

Step 17:
A message will come up: “Auto Start Permission”: Click confirm.

Step 18:
In the new window enter the name of your PosterDigital’s project:


Restart the device

When you start the chrome press Ctrl + Alt + S
Enter the password for your Google account.