Connect the AC power cable.
Connect the player to a screen with a VGA or HDMI video cable.
Connect the player to your network with an RJ45 network cable.

SpinetiX player installation

First launch:

To configure your SpinetiX player, use a computer connected to the same LAN as the player.
Turn on the SpinetiX player and wait for the initial screen to load.
Hold down the blue button on the back of the player for a couple seconds until you see a box on the screen with the IP address.

There are two ways to access the web interface for managing your player:

Enter the player’s IP address in your internet browser (four sets of numbers separated by periods: xxx.xx.x.xx)
Enter the following URL, substituting “SERIAL_NUMBER” for the serial number specified on your player: “http://spx-hmp-SERIAL_NUMBER.local”

SpinetiX player installation


In the Administration menu, select the option Content Settings.
Select the tab Pull Mode.
Select the option From remote iCalendar file (ICS).
Enter the following URL in the field titled Schedule URL, substituting “PROJECT_NAME” with the name of your project: “”
Choose an interval in the field titled Check calendar every: (example: 5 min). This will define how often the player checks the server to determine if there are any changes in the content programming.

SpinetiX player installation

Screen configuration:

In the Administration menu, select Display Settings.
Select the Display tab.
Choose the screen resolution.
Select the screen orientation (vertical/horizontal).

Finally, press the Apply button to add the screen to the system.