To return a Chromebox to its original (factory) state, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Chromebox.
  2. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole. Here is where they are on an AOPEN Chromebox:


  1. Press down the recovery button with a paperclip while turning on the device.
  2. Press Ctrl + D.
  3. Press the recovery button with the paperclip again. The device reboots and displays a red exclamation point.
  4. Press Ctrl + D. The Chromebox reboots and starts the transition to developer mode. This clears all local data and takes approximately 10 minutes.

If Forced re-enrollment is enabled for the device, you’ll see a note that developer mode is blocked. This shortens the wipe process, and still allows for re-enrollment when the device automatically reboots into verified mode.

  1. At the startup screen, press the spacebar, and then press Enter to reboot the device and return to verified mode.
  2. If you’re using a managed Chromebox for your school or business, follow these steps to enrol the device.