More than 85 percent of the time when something goes wrong, it’s due to small local problems that are easily solved.

Follow these steps before contacting support

    1. Make sure all the cables are connected correctly.
    2. Make sure the screen is turned on:
      1. Make sure there is content programmed to your screen in
      2. Try turning it on and off with the remote.
      3. Look closely to see if the screen emits light.
      4. Make sure the screen is turned to the right channel if you are using an external player.
      5. If it is an SoC screen, make sure it is in reproduction mode.
    3. Make sure your screen isn’t turned off within your project in
    4. Make sure there is not an automatic switch-off programmed within your project in
    5. Make sure your screen is connected to the Internet
    6. Reload content or reboot your screen from within your project in
    7. If you use a SpinetiX or AMX player, erase the player’s cache.

If you have followed these steps and are still having problems, contact our support team and we’ll help.