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Chromebox digital signage players

Google, the world-leading innovator in digital technology, has entered the digital signage market with Chromebox. These powerful and affordable digital signage players use trusted Intel processors and Google’s Chrome OS to offer speed, simplicity, and reliability for your digital signage project. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth, along with HDMI and DisplayPort outputs for HD video reproduction.

Why choose Chromebox?

The power of Google for Work

If you think of Google as a search engine or an email provider, you will be amazed at the enormous range of options and services available for your business. There is a reason Google is the world’s leading digital services provider, and you will enjoy all of that expertise and power in your Chromebox digital signage player.

The simplicity of Chrome

The Chrome OS that supports Chromebox digital signage players is based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google Chrome a leading internet browser. Chromebox players are an affordable, easy-to-use option for your digital signage project.

Energy efficient

Powerful digital signage doesn’t require heavy power consumption. With a compact, reliable Chromebox player, you can dedicate your digital signage budget to content instead of energy consumption.

Optimize your Chromebox digital signage player

As an official Solution Partner of Chromebox, PosterDigital’s signage software maximizes the potential of Chromebox players by making it easier than ever to control your screens, manage your content, and create custom solutions for any digital signage project. Whether for digital marketing, restaurant menus, retail, event organization…

A Chromebox digital signage player with PosterDigital software offers a powerful, reliable solution for your most demanding needs.

Solutions for Digital Signage 2

Use 1 screen or 1000, portrait or landscape, fullscreen or multi-zone, etc.

Digital Signage Software

Monitor and control your displays remotely with cloud technology.

Solutions for Digital Signage 3

See detailed, real-time information about all your displays in the dashboard.

Solutions for Digital Signage 4

Create users for your team and decide who can change which content.

PosterDigital cartelería digital signage Settings

Enjoy full support 24 hours/day from our team of experts.

Screens Digital Signage

Manage displays individually, in groups, or all at once.

Benefits of digital signage in retail

For retail, digital signage is the most efficient, effective way to communicate with your audience.

  • 33% increase in sales (based on Nielsen research)
  • 75% engagement with dynamic messaging (according to IAB)
  • Reduced paper and printing costs
  • Dynamic content updates in real time
  • Content displayed based on schedule or location of screens
  • Modernized brand image

Supported Players

✓ AOpen Chromebox

✓ Chromebase

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