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Overy helps bridge the gap between the digital and the physical in your omni-channel strategy. It brings an engaging and interactive shopping experience.

Interactive digital signage

Transform your communication to make it more personalized

Customize your message for your target like never before. Focus your communication on the people who really wants to hear about it.

Inform better, in real time

Your audience will want to know more. Be able to show details, new features and offers about your product when and where the audience want.

New ideas to sell more

You will become part of a new era of communication between the producer and its audience joining a physical product and visual content. The visual content will attract the eye from the other side of the store, the interactivity will draw attention to your brand.

How does it work

Overy connects a physical stand to one or more digital signages. Choose a specific content to show about any of the products displayed. Overy works with a pressure sensor, sending a sign to a screen every time someone holds one or more products.

When someone holds an item the screen of the digital signage displays related information: that camera’s features, the recipe for a gin&tonic with that specific gin, the perfect eyeliner for that lipstick…

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

The Overy experience

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Compare products at the right time: when the client holds both of them. Overy is an interactive product comparison solution.

Imagine you could list the features of the two mobiles your client is interested in, imagine displaying the main differences between the two.

Overy perfume cartelería digital signage

Attract people’s attention from the other side of the store. Make your product stand out with dynamic content.

Imagine a stand with three perfumes, each one associated with a different event: a busy working day, a great dinner with friends, a romantic meet up. It’s impossible not to look at it.

Overy offer cartelería digital signage

Show discounts for the items in which your client is interested. Use the digital signage in your favor.

Imagine someone holding an amazing watch and suddenly discovering it has got a discount.

Overy suggestion 2 cartelería digital signage

Make packs to relate your products. Create packs that shows together the item your client is holding and any other product in your store.

Imagine someone choosing a dress. The digital signage next to it will offer the perfect accessories for that specific dress.

Overy suggestion cartelería digital signage

Personalize your communication. The client will be glad to read about the item in which he or she is really interested.

Imagine someone choosing between two or more pair of shoes. Clear up his mind. Relate every shoe to an event. Show him what he can do with the shoes he is holding.

Optimize your digital signage player

PosterDigital’s signage software maximizes the potential of any players by making it easier than ever to control your screens, manage your content, and create custom solutions for any digital signage project. Whether for digital marketing, restaurant menus, retail, event organization.

Solutions for Digital Signage 2

Use 1 screen or 1000, portrait or landscape, fullscreen or multi-zone, etc.

Digital Signage Software

Monitor and control your displays remotely with cloud technology.

Solutions for Digital Signage 3

See detailed, real-time information about all your displays in the dashboard.

Solutions for Digital Signage 4

Create users for your team and decide who can change which content.

PosterDigital cartelería digital signage Settings

Enjoy full support 24 hours/day from our team of experts.

Screens Digital Signage

Manage displays individually, in groups, or all at once.

Benefits of digital signage in retail

For retail, digital signage is the most efficient, effective way to communicate with your audience.

  • 33% increase in sales (based on Nielsen research)
  • 75% engagement with dynamic messaging (according to IAB)
  • Reduced paper and printing costs
  • Dynamic content updates in real time
  • Content displayed based on schedule or location of screens
  • Modernized brand image

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