What is Smart Signage?

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform eliminates the need for an external digital signage player by integrating the player directly into all Samsung Smart Signage Displays. With this new era of integrated players, Samsung’s digital signage displays significantly reduce deployment and maintenance costs for your digital signage solutions.

Why choose Samsung Smart Signage Displays?

Easy installation
The Samsung Smart Signage Platform makes digital signage extremely easy to install. All you need is a power source and an internet connection (LAN or WiFi).

Reduced deployment and maintenance costs
With the media player integrated into Samsung’s Smart Signage Displays, less hardware is required for setting up and maintaining your digital signs. This translates into remarkable savings.

Energy efficient
With state-of-the-art LED technology and less hardware required, Samsung’s Smart Signage Displays with PosterDigital are significantly more energy efficient than other digital signage options.

Optimize your Samsung Smart Signage Displays

PosterDigital signage software maximizes the potential of your Samsung Smart Signage Displays by making it easy to control your screens, manage your content, and create custom solutions for any digital signage application, big or small. Whether for digital marketing, restaurant menus, event organization…

Samsung smart displays with PosterDigital offer the best solution available.

Solutions for Digital Signage 2

Use 1 screen or 1000, portrait or landscape, fullscreen or multi-zone, etc.

Solutions for Digital Signage

Monitor and control your screens remotely.

Solutions for Digital Signage 3

See detailed, real-time information about all your screens in the dashboard.

Solutions for Digital Signage 4

Create users for your team and decide who can change which content.

Digital Signage Software

Update content anywhere, anytime with cloud technology.

Screens Digital Signage

Manage screens individually, in groups, or all at once.

Benefits of digital signage in retail

For retail, digital signage is the most efficient, effective way to communicate with your audience.

  • 33% increase in sales (based on Nielsen research)
  •  75% engagement with dynamic messaging (according to IAB)
  • Reduced paper and printing costs
  • Dynamic content updates in real time
  • Programmed content displayed based on schedule or location of screens
  • Modernized brand image.


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Supported Samsung displays

✓ Samsung DB10D

✓ Samsung DB10E-T

✓ Samsung DB22D-P

✓ Samsung DB22D-T

✓ Samsung DB32D

✓ Samsung DB40D

✓ Samsung DB48D

✓ Samsung DB55D

✓ Samsung DB32E

✓ Samsung DB40E

✓ Samsung DB48E

✓ Samsung DB55E

✓ Samsung DM32D

✓ Samsung DM40D

✓ Samsung DM48D

✓ Samsung UE46D

✓ Samsung UE55D

✓ Samsung DM55D

✓ Samsung DM65D

✓ Samsung DM75D

✓ Samsung DM82D

✓ Samsung DM32E

✓ Samsung DM40E

✓ Samsung DM48E

✓ Samsung DM55E

✓ Samsung DM82E-BR

✓ Samsung DH40D

✓ Samsung DH48D

✓ Samsung DH55D

✓ Samsung DH40E

✓ Samsung DH48E

✓ Samsung DH55E

✓ Samsung UD46D-P

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