PosterDigital is internet-based digital signage management software, easily accessed from any device with a connection to the Web. With our content management platform, you can control your digital signage screens and display content easily. You just need three things to enjoy this easy-to-use service:

A screen (hardware)

By “screen”, we mean the set of hardware that stores and displays the content you share. This hardware can be a single device or a group of devices. There are endless options on the market to find the hardware setup that meets your economic and technological needs. Here are some common examples:

  1. Screen + external media player
  2. Screen with integrated media player
  3. Projector + external media player
  4. Screen with Android OS
  5. Other Android devices (phones, tablets…)

PosterDigital is extremely flexible and is compatible with all major brands of screens and players; however, we can only guarantee that everything will work correctly with the devices we’ve certified. See our list of certified devices

An internet connection

Our software is cloud-based, so your devices will need an internet connection (if possible, a permanent connection).

Content (the information you want to display)

PosterDigital offers some predesigned content options, but we hope that you take advantage of all its potential by adding your own content. That is, in the end, the goal of digital signage. If you need some help creating content, we also offer some basic templates to get started.