A playlist is a list of files that can contain videos, images, or both. Follow these steps to create a playlist:
Step 1:
Select Content from the main menu.


Step 2:
Click on Add content. A new window will open.


Step 3:
Select Create playlist.


Step 4:
Select the files that you want to add to the playlist, and then press Add.


Step 5:
Enter a name for the playlist. (required) Example: PlaylistJune or PlaylistSpecialOffer.
Step 6:
Write a brief description of the playlist. (required) Example: Playlist to show only in June.
Step 7:
You also have the option to add a comment about the playlist.
Step 8:
Check the box next to RANDOM if you want the files to be played in random order.
Step 9:
You can add an effect to the transition between files by selecting an option from the list next to ANIMATION.
Step 10:
Press Finish to save the changes and create the playlist.