Content is the material available in your project that can be programmed to appear on your screen(s). There are various types of content: files, posters, playlists, and templates.



Files refer to any image or video that is available in your project.

Our certified players support these image formats:

  • SpinetiX: JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG
  • IAdea: PNG, JPEG
  • Samsung SoC: PNG, JPEG
  • LG WebOs: PNG, JPEG
  • AOpen: PNG, JPEG
  • Dension: PNG, JPEG
  • Apk Android: PNG, JPEG
  • Chrome app: PNG, JPEG

Our certified players support these video formats:

  • SpinetiX: AVI/ WMV/WMA, VOB, AIFF, WAV, MOV (Quicktime)
  • IAdea: MP4, AVI
  • Samsung SoC: MP4, AVI
  • LG WebOs: MP4, AVI
  • AOpen: MP4, AVI
  • Dension: MP4, AVI
  • Apk Android:MP4, AVI
  • Chrome app: MP4, AVI


Playlists are groups of content including videos, images, posters, or other playlists. This content is organized chronologically in the order they it be displayed.


A template is a type of content that cannot be programmed directly on a screen or added to a playlist; the function of a template is to generate a poster. Templates can include a playlist, RSS, text, or streaming content.
To generate a poster from a template, you just have to edit any of the characteristics of a template (change the name, add a description, or upload content) and then save it. We can also create personalized templates for your project if you’d like.


A poster is a template that has been edited and saved, and can now be displayed on a screen. Posters are always generated by editing and saving a template.